We love finance, and we care deeply about the valuation of complex securities.  Like it’s our own stock, our own company. Like the world depends on it.  

We focus on fast-growing technology and tech-enabled companies; in so doing, we have valued private companies as large as Facebook and as small as Quora... when it was just Adam & Charlie.  Some have rocketing arcs like Instagram, and others have been on a slow simmer since the Apple II+ was hot tech. But no matter what the size, status or industry, we take great care of our clients. Like it's our own company, our own team. 

Our pride of craftsmanship comes from knowing that the world depends on the accurate valuation of investment securities.   



Our founder, Bo Brustkern, left a career in venture capital to build a firm of his own design. Bo identified a way to launch a profitable service in a niche sector within the financial services industry. That niche was business valuation, starting with 409A valuations for tech startups, the same companies in which Bo had formerly been an investor. Now a nationally recognized business valuation firm and a leader in complex securities valuations, we serve hundreds of clients across the country and around the globe.



In service to our peers in the industry, we are charter members and executive committee members of the Fair Value Forum, a valuation think tank that focuses on the needs unique to Silicon Valley-style tech startups. We have also served as experts in highly complex litigation cases involving the pricing of secondary shares of private company stock, an emerging and evolving area of business valuation in which we are deeply experienced.



Part of our magic is that it’s really, really great to be a member of the Frank, Rimerman + Co. team.  We love it here, and it shows. So we attract highly talented people, train them exquisitely, and deploy them smartly in the field. Our team is awesome.