What We Do


Want to know what it's worth? We get it. Do you need a 409A, a PPA, or just a straightforward enterprise valuation? We understand you're probably wondering what it will cost, how long it will take, and how much pain you'll have to endure to get it done. We get that too. We work with a lot of companies in your precise situation.

As it turns out, valuation is everywhere. Company leaders deal with it all the time. To us, every situation and every decision is made with valuation in mind (or should be).  Issues of value crop up at every turn. 

Start with a simple stock grant. Then come stock option grants.  Next come follow-on financings, both equity and debt. Intellectual property valuations, investment decision matrices, M&A considerations, accretion/dilution models, purchase price allocations, goodwill impairment analyses, 

limited partnership valuations, structure analyses, fairness opinions, and litigation support (ugh, yes that too). It's all in the arc of growth, whether you're bottling soda or building mad apps.

So you're shopping for a valuation? Want it fast? You got it. We're really, really good at what we do, and efficient too. Guess what else? With Arcstone you get the nationally respected firm that has firepower when you need it. We can bring the cavalry, and the artillery too. Valuation Solved. Again and again.

■ 409A Valuations

■ Tax Valuations

■ Transaction Services

■ Litigation Support



409A Valuations


Our qualified and experienced business appraisers will give you an accurate and reliable corporate valuation. It is important to have a professional, independent opinion for the fair market value of your company and stock options, but it does not have to cost a fortune. Our firm has developed a sophisticated system for efficiently processing 409A valuations, our streamlined process saves you money by leveraging highly qualified US-based experts. 



Tax Valuations

Common stock, Transfer pricing, Bankruptcy, ESOPs, Estate planning - Every Arcstone valuation report is thoroughly researched, methodically analyzed and compliant with tax jurisdictions, both domestic and international.

Issuing stock options, buying and selling assets, and creating business entities for the variety of needs all come with their own unique set of tax implications. In every case compliance is a must, and the goal is a timely, accurate and defensible valuation. The professionals at Arcstone fully grasp the nuances of valuation for tax purposes and consistently produce the pinnacle of quality.

Transaction Services

Advisory services, Fairness and Solvency opinions - The Arcstone Team boasts the ideal combination of expertise, experience and relationships to assist with the array of business transaction issues.

The intricacies of corporate transactions require a unique set of knowledge, expertise and insights. Arcstone professionals offer a powerful network of valuable relationships and a reservoir of relevant expertise. Our collective background and experience in the PE and VC worlds, law, investment banking and entrepreneurship — coupled with our unwavering commitment to service – make Arcstone your next transaction’s most valuable asset.

Litigation Support

Expert reports, Expert testimony, Consulting experts - Litigation is a search for the truth in a complex and often murky world. Arcstone is dedicated to getting you there.

A truly effective expert combines two indispensable characteristics: A real-world mastery of valuation analyses and the proficiency to communicate both effectively and persuasively to judge and jury. The Arcstone team offers both. Uniting on-the-ground valuation experience as investors, investment bankers and attorneys with an approachable, yet persuasive, style that effectively translates complex analyses into meaningful and comprehensible parts, Arcstone is a key component of your litigation team.

Technical Leadership

Our technical leadership across the valuation realm sets the standard for every aspect of our work.

List of Services

Financial Reporting

  • Stock Options (ASC 718)
  • Purchase Allocations ( ASC 805)
  • Goodwill Testing (ASC 350)
  • Portfolio Valuations (ASC 820)

Corporate Transactions

  • Fairness Opinions
  • Solvency Opinions
  • Capital Adequacy Opinions

Tax Compliance

  • Stock Options (IRC 409A)
  • ESOPs
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Estate Planning 
  • Family Limited Partnerships
  • Portfolio Valuations
  • Intellectual Property Valuations
  • C to S Conversions

Litigation Support

  • FRCP 26(a)2(b) report preparation
  • Expert testimony
  • Valuation consulting